Welcome to Dialogue

What you will see during the next pages is the conversation I had with a brilliant open-minded Bahai brother who is a member of the Bahai Faith. I would like to remind you that his views, since they have not been reviewed officially by a responsible body within the Baha’i Faith, are therefore written as only his own personal understanding of the Baha’i writings. However, he has done his best to represent his Faith as precise as possible, which is praiseworthy. As Bahaullah has truly mentioned, you are given the right to investigate the truth independently. I encourage all of you to go through this conversation with patience and love, with your heart open, willing to know the truth.

Please note that neither him nor I had focused on systematic and well-organized discussions in the beginning since we had not thought of making these talks public. After our discussions reached to some points, I suggested if we could let others read our discusions, which he accepted. That is why the messages start from simple exchange of ideas and grow deeper one after another. To help you keep track of our talks, the messages are posted as is.

As Reminded, you are humbly encouraged to respect and love others’ ideas. I strongly request you not to look down on others’ beliefs if you are with me in my comments. You are free, however, to put my comments on fire if you are with others in their comments.

Be reminded that my conversations with others do not and will not mean that I am against them. Such conversations are to reveal the Truth and to give you the real light to see and choose your way knowingly. I am not here to demolish the formerly revealed ways for all messengers are originated from the One Source and are on the same way with different words and approaches.

Let not the worldly characters inject into your mind the idea that Jesus played against Moses; or Muhammad played versus Jesus; or so did other messengers. They have played as one team under one name and that name is the One God who is greater than all messengers are.

Being Reminded does not mean hating others. Being Reminded does not mean establishing an organization. Being Reminded means farewell to confusion, hatred, and dependence on ways.

Reminded are those who build a direct fellowship with God without focusing on ways. Reminded are those who do not put their heart on the methods of gardening. Reminded are those who patiently listen to different ideas and present their own idea without trying to convince others. Reminded are those who take the light with them to enlighten themselves. Reminded are those who walk with the knowledge of God with a knowledge-seeking heart. Reminded are those who explore the Islands. Reminded are those who focus on One.

Reminded are those who welcome this simplest and deepest message of love and peace ever told. This is the message I have for each one of you who long for love, peace and unity:

“In each single place of worship throughout the world, there should be a visible sign or symbol of all religions.”

Welcome this message if you are Reminded.

Monday, April 19, 2004