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Dear Vin

Firstly, I apologize for my delay in writing back to you.

Let me express my deep appreciation for your kind message, and more important, your lack of prejudice as well as the very interesting and deep links you have introduced.

I should confess that I have spent hours to eagerly go through the pages you have sent me. Well, I love the pages. Thank you very much.

The principles are so good that no honest person can deny them, or stand against them without presenting any stronger logics.

I deeply believe that this faith is the continuation of the former revelations and should be honored. Different messengers have grown the same fruit with different methods of gardening based on different geographical locations, and at different times. We should take the fruit if there is nothing wrong with us. Bahaullah is one of those who has brought such fruit without standing against those who came before him. We should take the fruit. The same is true that we should focus on what he has given us not on him as a name or as a person since this will bring more religious conflict, and will add one more name to the list of messengers under which people are standing against each other.

How long should human being insult each other, stand against each other, and kill each other under the name of their messengers who came to bring love, peace and unity?

The Reminded Way is uniting peoples of different backgrounds, beliefs, nationality, or race under one name and that name is God, which you have truly mentioned. Since this Way is not going to establish a congregation or organization, it will not turn into a religious barrier against its own people as well as other people or beliefs. The name of the person who has been revealed to bring such a message is not really important. People are invited to focus on what is said in this message not on the person who has brought it. The reason I have not mentioned my name is not that I am afraid of being persecuted or something for I have already gone through unbearable difficulties. The reason is that I do not want to add one more name to the list so that those who love this message will not have to defend my name in future. This is not the goal. I hope this mission will be fulfilled. On the other hand, it does not mean that we should ignore the personality of the messengers who had the capacity to be God’s messengers through out the history.

I came across something very important and interesting on this page:

“These principles and laws, these firmly-established and mighty systems, have proceeded from one Source and are the rays of one Light. That they differ one from another is to be attributed to the varying requirements of the ages in which they were promulgated.2

Thus the principle of the unity of religion means that all of the great religious Founders–the Manifestations–have come from God, and that all of the religious systems established by Them are part of a single divine plan directed by God.

In reality, there is only one religion, the religion of God. This one religion is continually evolving, and each particular religious system represents a stage in the evolution of the whole. The Bahá’í Faith represents the current stage in the evolution of religion. To emphasize the idea that all of the teachings and actions of the Manifestation are directed by God and do not originate from natural, human sources, Bahá’u’lláh used the term “revelation” to describe the phenomenon that occurs each time a Manifestation appears. In particular, the writings of the Manifestation represent the infallible Word of God. Because these writings remain long after the earthly life of the Manifestation is finished, they constitute an especially important part of the phenomenon of revelation. So much is this so, that the term “revelation” is sometimes used in a restricted sense to refer to the writings and words of the Manifestation

Bahá’u’lláh taught that the time interval between two Manifestations may be about one thousand years.”

I do not know if I am allowed to ask you a question. Please do not take it as an insult to your belief. I am totally convinced through your message that you are open to accept the truth. This is my question:

Bahaullah has mentioned that in different times, new messengers will come to bring new messages (the approximate interval is not important). Suppose that by the year 3000, the majority of the people of the world believe and practice Bahai faith. Then, a new messenger brings a new message at that time. Will the followers of Bahaullah give up their current faith and join the new messenger? Experience tells us that the answer is negative. We have tried for a thousand years to establish and spread this faith. Then, suddenly, we face a new belief that even Bahaullah had asked us to accept it. Will the followers of Bahaullah respect his instructions at that very moment? Can you imagine what will happen to this beautifully deep faith at that time? Can you see the resistance and the persecution that will come later, even if the founder of such belief of love, unity, and peace has started his mission by announcing a new messenger to come? You see, the problems do not come from the messengers. It is the followers of each messenger that violate the starting laws.

What I can say is that, quite unfortunately, the followers of each religion have made their leaders a barrier on the way of climbing to the top, behind whom people are struggling and killing each other instead of climbing towards the Most High. I feel deeply sorry that such highly spiritual gifts end in such kind of religious discriminations. (What we need is pure water no matter from what rock it may gush forth. What we seek is the light (God) not the lamp (Prophets sent from God).) Unfortunately, What we follow is our own worldly intention and desires not the instruction of the lamps of God. That is a pity that we know but we do not do. That is painful that we see but we do not get lesson. That is selfish that we expect love but we do not love.

Dear Vin

Sorry for writing this much. I would love to hear from you more. I am open to your views and ideas and I will, by all means, respect them.

Thank you again, and may the One bless you. Amen.



Sunday, December 07, 2003 4:06 AM

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