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Dear Vin

Again, thank you for the message and your comments, particularly what is said in PDF format. Wow, you have no idea how deeply I enjoyed it. It is truly great. The more I read about Bahai the more I feel satisfied of God’s revelation. I had heard of Bahai before; yet I never had the chance or desire to go through it (honestly confessed). I know it is not a pleasant confession but it is true that I never got fully involved in studying and knowing the religions. I had talks with people of different religions before. Their logics and explanations seemed far below the real truth to convince and convert others. I had God in me, I had lived with Him for years and I couldn’t believe God should be filtered like what we see throughout the history.

It was last year when I came to know Jesus and his talks in a different way. I spent a couple of months reading Jesus’ words. Then, suddenly, I felt like I wanted to give birth to a child. I noticed a big and huge world through his word, yet in reality, I faced the filters of religious teachers. In just a couple of months I gave birth to a child and that child was The Reminded Way. All my former understanding of religions was limited to what I had heard from people around me. Now, I had come to a position to carry a big message and share it with all people. After I had written The Reminded Way, I felt the need to know other religions. I skimmed through a few religions and what was surprising to me was that The Reminded Way had them all together in one message, with some further revelations. That was amazing to me. Now I am enjoying your messages as a window to know a new Faith. I am deeply happy that what was revealed to Bahaullah, and then through him to people, is the continuation of the former revelations. I am proud of him and love him wholeheartedly as I do love other former messengers since I believe they are all the way to the final destination; yet are not the final destination by themselves.

Would you believe a single name could bring this much religious chaos and disorder? Could you believe the One source could turn into the source of turmoil and separation? As you know, that One source is God Himself!

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a seminar on Knowing Islam. This seminar was held by some religious teachers. A man, seemingly a doctor in theology or something, spoke for more than three hours. Do you know what he said about what you have just beautifully and simply written to me? (Because of different languages, however, people refer to the Creator as God, Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, or other names .) He said: ‘What is interesting in Islam is that Moslems have taken all the qualities of Our God such as omniscience, omnipotence, mercifulness, love, and so on and given these to Their God. And you know who their God is? It is Allah! (and almost everybody was accompanying him by smile or laughter).’ ‘Allah is their God.’ He repeated ironically.

This doctor didn’t know that Allah is the Arabic word for God, as God is the English version of Yahweh and so on. You see what kind of people we are dealing with? Don’t they know this simple truth, or they are just pretending for some reasons?

On knowing God’s purpose and his knowledge, I agree with you that a painting cannot fully know the painter. However, I believe there are more clear ways and hints, yet very short, to know God’s knowledge and His purpose in The Reminded Way than in any other beliefs. If I am allowed, I would like to refer you to some parts of the Message once again. Please see the section about God and the existence and their relation – growth – and the move towards eternity.

Don’t you think there is a newer and higher standards and revelation in knowing God and His purpose in this short message? Don’t you think that more comprehensive definition of man’s movement towards eternity is revealed in this short Message? Don’t you think that man can have God in his /her heart without having to join a congregation? Don’t you believe that reaching God through the filters will lead to some worldly desires and targets? As mentioned in The Reminded Way, man needed to know the source where he comes from. He needed to replace all idols with one and the only God. Once he came to know God through His messengers, the man had the opportunity to get connected to God and throw all man-made idols away. Unfortunately, man replaced idols with His messengers. We can live in a very remote part of the world and talk to God directly without having to go through the theological terms and understanding these courses. What is the final goal of true teachings in the name of God? Am I wrong if I say that the master point of all these movements and teachings is to love and help each other?

I don’t know if you have children or not. I just suppose you do. Do you like your children praise you day and night in good words? Does it satisfy you? Is it all you want? Doesn’t it disturb you? As a father, what makes you happy? Think about it and please let me know if I am wrong.

In the end, I would like to raise another question and expect your answer. Before that, let me say again that I do appreciate your attention and honesty in replying the questions and accepting the truth without prejudice.

You have mentioned that another Manifestation will come; then, the Bahai Faith will expand to accept that Manifestation as well without having to give up their current Faith. Am I right?

My question is about the standards based on which the reliability of the coming Manifestation is measured. Are there any special rules upon which the people of this Faith can conclude that the new Manifestation is the one whom they have been talked about?

I will appreciate your answer,

Thank you again and may the One bless you. Amen.



Monday, December 15, 2003 11:17 PM

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