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Dear Vin

Thanks again for your time and reply. I have a very small request if possible. Please change your font size to 12 so that I can read your messages more clearly. Thank you. Thanks to your new communication technique. That is wonderful. I will follow your example.

You say, (But those elements [love, kindness, help others, and peace, … ] originally came from God’s previous Manifestations. Don’t these things need to be supplemented? If Jesus didn’t follow Moses, we would still be cutting off hands of the people who steal things.)

The misleading trap is that people think Manifestations came to establish a modernized or civilized social system. Let me explain it more by taking some further steps towards the origin of man’s God-knowing attempts. In the beginning, the entire world of man was limited to this physical nature. You may call it naturalistic insight of man. Step by step, man came to experience and know a world beyond this physical nature, which in comparison to this nature, was deeper and wider. There was an ever-increasing tendency in man towards knowing that supernatural world that, gradually, encouraged him to experience a supernatural power known as God. This tendency, however, was bilateral. It was not merely man who showed interest in knowing that supernatural power. There was also a strong interest from that supernatural power, as the main source of the whole existence and as an unconditional love-giver, to draw man back to Himself. It was then man felt and experienced His presence in this physical nature throughout the history. Those who felt and touched His presence directly were of the same common people with a deeper capability and container in this field, who could act as links between man and God. So, they were at least one step ahead of other common people that could play such a role. They met the required standards to be God-man links, whom people know as Messengers or Manifestations. The primarily goal of these persons was to connect man to God to remove the spiritual vacuum man had come to know in himself. As long as man was limited in this physical nature, he had a sense of absurdity and nothingness in him. Manifestations experienced the presence of God to deepen man’s life, to make his life meaningful, and to replace this naturalistic and limited life with an ever-growing movement towards eternity. Now, man did not have to live for several years on this globe only. He was connected to an eternal path that made his life meaningful. That’s how religion started.

The next step in staying tuned with that supernatural power (God) was keeping the container clean and making it a suitable place to receive and hold God since you cannot keep water clean in an unclean container. It was then spiritual instructions appeared in man’s life. This was necessary for man to face if he was to receive and express His love.

On the other side, those who had directly experienced God needed to convey His message to people. To do that, they had to use the available instrument, which is language. They had to speak in the language of people of their time. You could say they were limited in time and place. In our long-path history, different Manifestations appeared at different times in different places. They had experienced the same source, yet at different times and in different lands. Since their only communicational system was the language of their time, they had to use it in such a way that people of their time and place could understand. That’s how different names were used for the same Quality or Source (God).

What is interesting is that none of these Manifestations stood against the other one although they were introducing a new way of understanding even far from each other. All they were complaining was about the then religious teachers who were misinterpreting the words of the former Manifestation. Consequently, a time appeared when people needed to correct and retune their way of belief and obedience.

The misleading trap is that people are taught to think that Manifestations came to establish a civilized social system or something like this. This is wrong. Manifestations came to fill the gap between man and God. They came to connect man’s missing love to God’s unconditional love. To do this, people needed to keep their container suitable through some spiritual instructions or practices. The majority of the people in those days did not have education to live a sound or civilized life. Although it is difficult to believe in nowadays, it is true that in some one thousand years ago, people in some parts of the world would burry their daughters alive. This is just one example. To connect such people to a holy source, the Manifestations had to give them some cleansing instructions to make them spiritually ready to receive God. It is hard to believe that people cut the fingers of a thief because of a Godly Manifestation’s direct instructions. Teachers turned and expanded Moses’ spiritual teachings into a Mosaic Law; the same is true with other religions. I do not condemn those people for, most probably in the beginning, they did it to keep their society sound and spiritually clean. To do that, they had to put some spiritual labels on their rules. This is both good and dangerous. It can be good if used to create a sound society. It is dangerous if used as tools in the hands of ruling authorities to merely rule over their nations by such a spiritual weapon.

You say, Are you starting a Religion?

Absolutely and definitely not as it is clearly mentioned in The Reminded Way. This was not what I tried to say. I say if people are honest, they will be happy seeing their children having the good fruits of all religions. If they get happy with their children just because their children have accepted their father’s religion, they are trying to merely add the population of their religion. That’s all. In reality, this is not focusing on the Light. This is adding more people to one’s religion as we see in different religions nowadays. You will be happy if I accept your religion. In the same way, you will be heartbroken if I leave your religion. Let me give you an example. There is a shopkeeper in my neighborhood. I would do most of my shoppings in his store. During that time, he would welcome me every day as if I was a part of his family. Then one day, he gave me something of bad quality (a kind of cheating). It was then I stopped going to his store. Since then, he never answers my greetings warmly. I am now sure that he loved his business not me. Unfortunately, the same is true when you leave the religious teachers’ classes. In The Reminded Way, however, there is no place for such disappointments. People of The Reminded Way are in direct contact with the Light. The man-God relation is a personal and inner relation. People know of their status in God personally. They know how much they are close to their God. Since this relation is personal and not a congregational, nobody will get upset if you do not attend your nightly meeting (for example) with God. As a result, I, as a person who has brought The Reminded Way, will not get disappointed if people do not accept my words. I have given them what I have received. I have done my responsibility. I have established a very close, personal, friendly, and bilateral communication between man and God. It’s now up to them to keep their personal relation with God safe. In the same way, it’s up to them if they want to break such fellowship. What they do has nothing to do with me or with any other person. I have given them a personal and bilateral communication, which is between them and God only. It seems easy at first glance since people need not to do (for example) too much of public religious ceremonies. However, it is difficult when you look through it more deeply. As a Reminded, you have your God with you in all your affairs as your close friend who teaches you, instructs you, warns you, stops you, and finally gives you the points for each work you do. You do not blame others for not attending particular ceremonies. This fellowship is just a bilateral relation between you and your God. Through this relation, you know your real-time status in Him. Social affairs are left for the social system. You are not dependant on others to act as a mediator between you and God. In this way, people cannot do bad, nor can they have bad fruits when He is present in all kinds of their affairs as a direct eyewitness and pal in each single moment of their life and talks to them more than any other friends. Sound people build up sound communities.

For points of disagreement you have mentioned between the Bahai Faith and The Reminded Way, I would say this is natural. There should be some points of so-called disagreement. Otherwise, one could be enough and the other one must be redundant. However, I would like to draw your attention to the points of disagreement once again. Are they real disagreement? Is such so-called disagreement the point upon which you could vote for unreliability of the newer Message? If so, the Bahai Faith could, in turn, be recognized as unreliable since it does not fully match the former revelations. The same is true with other religions since they do not fully match the previous Messages. But, this is not the point. The physical Savior is denied in The Reminded Way. This is not in paradox with the former revelations. People of religions are taught to believe in a physical Savior (a person). However, you cannot find clear indications throughout the direct words of the former Manifestations in which they have announced a Savior to come in such a manner to put an end to the current life permanently. They have mentioned that somebody will come since they knew that people would need to renew and prune their ways of belief and obedience. Unfortunately, their words were misinterpreted by their followers since their followers have been trying to firstly focus on the Messengers rather than Their Messages. Now, it is the time to put an end to such misinterpretations and conflicts. Now it is the time to face a new era of knowing and having fellowship with God. The next Manifestations will focus on correcting and pruning people’s direct fellowship with God, not on facing the attitudes of different religions. The story of so-called my religion, your religion, and their religion will be over. When the time comes, people are no longer calling each other by their religion. Those who believe in God will be all God centered. However, people will need to be pruned from time to time. The next revelations will focus on pruning this man-God bilateral fellowship not on a particular religion. This is my promise to you, which will happen in people’s life. I am not surprised if people of today find such truth difficult to accept. I have done my responsibility and this is the promise I have from Him. God will bring people to a certain point to face and accept the truth. All we need is time.



Monday, January 19, 2004 7:47 AM

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